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Our goal as accounting professionals is to provide the best possible services to our clients by providing wide range of accounting, tax, and professional consultation services throughout the United States and Abroad. We team up with individuals and businesses to optimize tax savings and to develop OPTIMUM accounting and tax practices.

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Tax Planning – Strategic partnership with high net-worth individuals to maximize tax savings by taking advantage of the ever changing and complete tax structure. We assist our high earning clients in maximizing business deductions and tax friendly investments to help keep their money in their pockets. We also advise and assist clients on setting up the most advantageous entity structure to optimize tax deductions and savings.
  • Tax Preparation – Both individual and business tax preparation services.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

  • Bookkeeping – We provide full services bookkeeping services which includes the categorization of Income Statement and Balance Sheet transactions as well as month end balance sheet account reconciliation.
  • AP – We assist our corporate clients in building, developing, and maintaining their companies’ bill pay process to optimum productivity while ensuring all bills are paid timely and accurately.
  • Payroll – We help our clients develop, implement, and manage their payroll process to streamline the function while ensuring all employees and tax agencies are paid timely. We also process payroll and file all payroll agency filings timely and accurately.

Business & Accounting Consulting

  • Business Sale Consulting - Our expertise in private equity transactions gives us an edge over many accounting firms as it allows us to assist our corporate clients in strategizing and organizing their entity to help maximize their profits at exit.
  • Accounting Consulting – We assist our corporate clients in developing the best organizational structure that is not only cost-effective to them as business owners, but also gives them the confidence to rely on all their accounting functions.

Other Professional Services

  • Workers Comp Audits
  • Insurance review and applications
  • Employee benefit implementation
  • Audit and tax disputes
  • Financial review and analysis.